CXRL TRE | Detroit, MI


    Carl is a Modern Contemporary Artist, Aspiring Creative Director and Fashion Designer based in Detroit MI. He has been painting and selling his work for about thirteen years. His main mediums are acrylic, oil, and spray paint. He has studied at The College For Creative Studies where he majored in Fine Arts and Advertising Design. Not only does he He has experience in the fashion industry but also has experience working with celebrity clientele and managing a client book.

As a natural extrovert, when it comes to painting

Carl tends to let his Artwork do more of the talking. 

My painting process has always been my form of expressing my vulnerable thoughts, emotions and memories I have. 

A strong inspiration and influence of mine comes from black culture. I love to celebrate and challenge the view of black skin by mixing compositions, techniques and different subject matter.


   To all of those who view my collections, I hope my artwork can empower and inspire all to do not only the possible but also the impossible. Also to be a reminder to be the best version of you authentically and unapologetically.

My mission is to continue creating visually captivating pieces and Inspire the world one city at a time, working with different galleries, and collaborating with other designers and brands.